BetterDays was founded in 2002 by Chad Karger with a mission to serve the Body of Christ by providing biblical counseling to church pastors and leaders. The context of this counsel not only took place in the office, but outside in the rugged mountains of Colorado on 4 day backpacking trips. Soon the Go Outside motto was formed and became a staple to the counseling work. 


After growing up in the home of a pastor and being a pastor himself, Chad witnessed first hand the weight and stress that comes with being a leader in the church. The heart of BetterDays has always been to provide a safe place for pastors and church leaders find counsel, mentoring, rest, and encouragement. 


In serving those in the trenches of leadership, BetterDays is seeking to strengthen the local church in her gospel mission. BetterDays is strategically positioned to support leaders in this field. In caring for leaders we are impacting the individuals they in turn are caring for and leading!


We are focused on the full spectrum of leaders within the Christian church, including full-time employees, part-time employees, volunteers, ministry leaders, and missionaries.


Although we have a special interest in serving and aiding church leadership, our biblical counseling services are open to all who may be interested.



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