April 3, 2020






Church Planter.

Pastor’s Wife. 




Project Manager. 


This list of roles and responsibilities seems to have grown by quite a bit over the past few weeks. And before all of this, if I am honest, I was barely getting by with what I already had on my plate. 

Now we add homeschool and balancing working from home with the kids and making sure these people that live in my home eat 3 times a day! 

It’s so much. And truthfully, I can't say that I am handling it all that well. I wish I could give you three tips for how to manage this season and the extra anxiety and stress, but I can’t and honestly I don’t think that’s what you need. 

Solutions are great. Solutions give us a sense of control- and these days I bet most of us are grasping for any ounce of control we can find. But friend, if there’s one thing that I feel like we are collectively learning as a people is that we really don’t have any control. We have done a really good...

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