Candace McArthur, Counselor, LCSW

Candace has been a follower of Jesus since her freshman year of college. During that season of life, the grace of God, in Jesus, became the water for her thirsty soul. During that time she also met her husband. They have been married for almost 8 years and have 2 children. 

She has had the privilege of serving alongside her husband in various ministry context throughout the years. Their passion has always been working with people in authentic discipleship. With her experience in counseling and serving the local church has granted her the ability to merge together the truth and grace found in the Gospel of Jesus with the knowledge and practice of therapeutic care. 

Because of her own journey of finding healing and hope in Christ, her heart is to partner with people in their own process of healing. She hopes to create space for people in ministry to find space to share their real stories in a non-judgmental space, and experience for themselves the grace of God in Christ.