Partnering & Equipping


In addition to providing care and counseling for pastors and ministry leaders, it is our hope that through partnerships with local church bodies we would be able to provide counseling for church members as well. We believe the most effective context for long term, lasting transformation is the local church.

Being pastors ourselves, and working one on one with pastors, we understand the struggle church leaders have with providing the best care possible for those in their church. We know there are often issues that need more specific and specialized care. We also know how difficult it can be to find a trusted counselor to work with who shares your mission, vision, and values.

Through our Church partnerships, our counselors work directly with pastors and leadership teams to provide biblical counseling and spiritual formation that not only corresponds with, but encourages the gospel mission of the Church.



We believe that if you are a Christian, you are a counselor. The primary focus of our counseling revolves around discipleship. All Christians are called to make disciples (Matthew 28:19). On top of that, all Christians have been given the blessing of the Holy Spirit to dwell with them. The Holy Spirit is who empowers all believers in this mission to make disciples, and in the process, empowers us to give counsel to those in our lives. 

Another aspect of our church partnerships is to provide training in order to help equip believers in this call to counsel. We do this by providing counseling training classes to leadership teams, small group leaders, and church members who are intereseted in being equipped for one on one counseling ministry. 


What Partnership Offers
  • We work within your church’s existing pastoral staff team to provide supplemental, professional counseling.

  • We offer an advocate model that encourages clients to bring a trusted person into the counseling relationship with them, allowing them to maintain connection with their community.

  • We provide counseling training and mentoring for lay counselors, small group leaders, pastoral staff/elders.

  • Discounted counseling rates for partner church members.

What We Ask of You
  • A reasonable amount of monthly support toward BetterDays

  • Support through resources such as access to office space where available

  • A commitment to assist some church members with counseling through the mercy funds of the church.

  • These things will enable BetterDays counselors to work alongside of the church staff in integrating counseling into the life blood of your church.