Help our relief efforts financially


In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, our desire at BetterDays is to provide a place of hope and healing for those affected by this disaster. In the weeks ahead we will be working with pastors and church leaders to provide the best care we can for them, their staff, and their members. We want to come along side churches who have been working night and day to help victims around the Houston area, and offer support and care for them in those efforts.

People will continue to face the ongoing effects of this disaster for many days ahead. As stress, fear, uncertaintity, grief, and a host of other emotions set in, we are here to walk with people through these storms.

If you would like to make a donation towards these efforts, you can follow the link above. Any and all donations will be put towards providing the best care we can for pastors and ministry leaders working to serve the city as well as those directly affected by the flood.

If you are a victim of the flood seeking help, please contact us at or 281-318-1363

Follow the links below for more information about the effects of traumatic events on our lives as well as tips on how to navigate through them in a healthy way.